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the storehouse

Reaching our Community

It’s as easy as giving up one meal a week.

As we give up one meal per week we meet the needs of the most vulnerable; people who are on the poverty line, domestic violence victims, homeless and anyone in need.

Set up an automatic transfer of $5.00 - $10.00 per week (minimum)

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At Westside we are committed to reaching beyond ourselves.

Westside church is a very generous church which supports ministries overseas and in our neighborhood.  We have built churches and life centers in third world countries. Westside also sponsors children in Indonesia to go to school so they can finish their education. 

Every year we have teams that go to Indonesia that minister to Young adults and children and to encourage Pastors in their work.

Westside is also a supporter the Local Special Religious Education in the Cumberland Municipality; we believe it is a God-given right for every child to hear about a God who loves and who has made a way for salvation for them.

Nursing Homes 

At Westside we believe in reaching out to those who are unable to help themselves.

Westside Nursing Home Ministry is a vibrant growing ministry in Westside Church.  At the moment we are reaching into 4 nursing homes.  These times are times of building a relationship with residents and letting them know about a God who loves them.

If you want to join a church that loves the elderly and creates opportunities to minister to those in need of Nursing Home care, come along and see how you can get involved.